'Those who are led by the Spirit of God, these are the sons of God,'

Rom. 8:14

Nowhere in Scripture is it suggested that 'being led by the Spirit' is an option.  Either our minds are set on the things of the flesh, which produces death, or our minds are set on the Spirit, which brings life and peace, (Rom. 8:5-17)

Though we may declare that Jesus is our Lord, in reality He is not our Lord unless we are led by the Spirit of God and thus in a place to hear the voice of our Shepherd.  We need the Holy Spirit to glorify and reveal Jesus to us, who in turn will lead us into the will of our heavenly Father.  Jesus said that it is  not saying, "Lord, Lord," that enables us to enter the Kingdom of Heaven but doing the will of the Father, (Matt. 7:21).

Jesus' Church, which is His body, appears to be weak and divided.  The manifestation of the victory that Jesus wrought through the cross and His resurrection is difficult to find.  The body of Christ is seemingly paralysed, bound in chains, and unable to rise up in victory.  What is it that prevents this victory?  This booklet endeavours to identify the cause of this problem which has beset the Church for 2,000 years.  Except for brief moments when some of God's people have shone brightly, much of the body of Christ has had little effect on the world.  Satan has always managed to ensure that the Church, when she has begun to move in corporate resurrection power, is drawn back into that place where she is again paralysed.

As we approach the subject of this book we can be confused because there is a lack of understanding that there is a Christian Religion, devoid of life and power, as well as true Christianity.  Indeed, this is the very heart of the problem, for it is the spirits of the antichrist and religion that Satan uses to bind the Church in chains.

All too easily we, the Church, are deceived, for we find it easy to be religious and live in the area of the flesh and so, whilst looking like the real thing, the Christian Religion can produce a counterfeit.

As we draw near to the time of the Lord's Second Coming will the body of Christ break free from these chains?  I believe we will.  However, to achieve this we need the Holy Spirit to give us spiritual discernment and understanding, for the answers will only come by revelation in the knowledge of God and the Lord Jesus Christ, which only the Holy Spirit can give us.

So this booklet not only sets out to identify the problem but endeavours to direct the reader to the ministry of the Holy Spirit as the only Teacher, the one who can ensure that we, the body of Christ, are rightly connected to our Head, the Lord Jesus Christ.  Only then can Jesus truly be our King.

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