(Knowing isn’t having)

We are living on this side of resurrection and looking forward to a new and better city which is made by God. People are dying every day and going into a different existence than this world that we see. Everyone will see angels and demons in that dimension. Some believe in heaven and hell, some believe in no heaven - no hell - no hereafter. The world religions teach much on what happens after one dies. Some look to paradise with many virgins for their pleasures. Some believe they will rule as kings over planets and peoples. Some believe they will keep coming back to earth as bugs, cats, or people. All of these concepts are headed for sorrows. People believe many different teachings on the future, and will be disappointed in that day. Jesus told an eye opening story in Luke 16: 19-31. We have two men who died and passed into a new reality - the rich man into hell and Lazarus into the place of the righteous dead. It was too late for the rich man to make any changes in this thinking, his beliefs, his life style. His everlasting abode was final.

We have also based our eternal lives on many worldly concepts which will be of no value in the face of satanic forces in that dimension. Do you really believe that knowing about eternal life gives you that life? Do you believe that joining a Christian church, being baptized into that system and paying your tithes will gain you entrance into His kingdom? Do you think that because you read books on rapture and your church teaches that you will escape the tribulation to come that you are secure? We could write volumes on what unbelievable things are being taught in the divided denomination systems today. Hollywood, the arts, theater, dance, and of course money and control have completely leavened the lump. The unsaved of the world cannot see any difference between what they do and what they see as Christianity in the lost systems of this present darkness today.

However, when your day comes to be changed from this existence into the everlasting, will you have the goods? I have thought a lot about that day for me. I am not looking for angels or demons - however, they will be there. I am not looking for those who have gone on before - my mother, my father, my grandparents, etc. They will be somewhere for sure. I am not looking for a cloud to sit on and a harp to play. I am not concerned about where I am going to live and who will be my neighbors, or my mansion in the sky. I am not looking for the streets paved with gold or the walls of the city.

In that day if you are there to hear, I will be shouting to see Him. He is life - eternal resurrection life. Everything I will ever need is Who He is in me. Oh reader of this letter, do you really know Jesus? Do you know that He is Who you need, now?

He will descend from heaven with a shout, with the voice of the archangel, and with the trump of God; and the dead in Christ shall rise first (1 Thessalonians 4:16), and I think He will call my name as He will all the rest in Christ, and I will be shouting back for Him.

What are your end times theories? What are you believing today, and what will you believe tomorrow? My theories are all summed in “Jesus Christ in me, the hope of glory.” This is the only place of life now and forever more.

Throw all the theories and end times events into a heap and “put on Christ” while it is still day.

Jim Dermanoski

February 2004


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