The Soon Coming Day of Reformation

The spirit of anti-christ certainly has entered the church centuries ago. A downhill slide into paganism has formed a false body on earth even today. The false church today has false prophets and pastors, pope and bishops as its head. The arms are a strong political force involved in all of the affairs of the world systems. The feet of clay are dancing in all the entertainment that the world has to offer. The helmet is made of straw and will only burn in the day of battle. The ears have become deaf to hear any correction from the Spirit, and the eyes can only see how large the body has grown. The backside is weighed down with the wealth of the world and the appetite is never satisfied.

Many things were preached by those who could see in the 16th century. They said give not your money to the churches, but your hearts to Christ. They preached the full and free forgiveness of all sin on the ground of the work of Christ on the cross. The cross of Christ alone opens the gates of heaven, and shuts the gates of hell.

The ones who could see in the early reformation were also the ones slain by the false church system of that day, the great harlot, which is still as active today as ever. The harlot has grown larger and now has multitudes of harlot daughters everywhere. These daughters think they have been delivered from the sins of the centuries of the harlot mother, however, compromise has slowly invaded them all and they now have the character of the mother.

We need the same men and women today to rise up with the word of the cross to stand in this evil day. Those saints of old quickly learned that the death and persecution came from the organized false body, and we will need to learn this lesson again during the Great Tribulation which is coming on the earth very soon. The population of the world has multiplied many times since the 16th century. Many more need to come to the cross and out of the false body today. When the real tribulation comes and the false body finds that it has not been raptured, then some will begin to open their ears and hear and open their eyes and begin to see. However, most will continue in the great falling away that they are already attracted to. Don’t look for the great escape, but look for the day to stand, which is today. Stand fast because Christ has set us free.

There is a true spiritual body, where Christ is the head and we are members. Let us throw down all of the harlot daughters and the harlot now and come to Christ alone. The people today are in need of the day of reformation more than they were 500 years ago. When these days come, we will be truly busy and our lives will be in the balance every moment. If we look to the harlot and her daughters for guidance, we will surely find ourselves in the outer courts where there will be much weeping.

“Come out of her, my people, that ye be not partakers of her sins, and that ye receive not of her plagues.” Rev. 18:4

Jim Dermanoski

April 2004


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