Christ Within - The Way to True Peace


William Penn stated in 1682 “There seems very little left of Christianity but the name; which, being now usurped by the old heathen nature and life, makes the professors of it but true heathens in disguise. For though they worship not the same idols, they worship Christ with the same heart; and they can never do otherwise whilst they live in the same lusts. So that the unmortified Christian and the heathen are of the same religion. For though they have different objects to which they do direct their prayers, that adoration in both is but forced and ceremonious, and the deity they truly worship is the god of the world, the great lord of lusts; “ (No Cross, No Crown - page 2).

William Penn’s words to describe Christianity in the 1600’s surely would apply today. What would he say if he could see the folly of the religious systems. The Spirit of God has sent many men to warn the nations of their folly and the religious systems of their idolatry for hundreds of years. However, things have not improved. The reformers warned the organized religions of their men and buildings which were but idols. The system has replaced the body as the temple of the Holy Spirit with the Steeple house (church building) being the vessel of the presence of God. They have replaced the cross and the words of Jesus - “If any man will come after Me, let him deny himself, and take up his daily cross, and follow me.” With what can I obtain from God, what can be added to my worldly life by attending this church system, how can I obtain more wealth, position, and ministry.

It has become very difficult for Christians today to obey the voice of the Spirit of God. Many have felt the leading to come out and be separated from the folly and yet are still in the mix. George Fox warned people in the churches in the 1600’s also and was often beaten and jailed. Church members even threatened to kill him inside of the buildings if he ever returned. What was his message that so angered them? He said that God does not live in buildings made of stone but in the people themselves. The hearers of that word 400 years ago are the same as today. They think that the building is the House of God, but it is really an old testament temple and has denied the work and power of the cross and is an idol in God’s view. What it will take to close down all these denominational buildings is revelation or the return of the Lord, for He will truly, truly close them.

The people have replaced Christ within with a pastor, elder, leaders, coverings and all sorts of followings, including their current prophets. It will also take a revelation or Christ’s return for most to recognize Him for who He is. Most of Christianity is totally paralyzed to hear the Spirit of God except through their pastor, and every one of these men and women leaders are teaching different views of the same material. Confusion abounds everywhere. Those that are led by the Spirit of God are the Sons of God. Today there is a famine in the land for the Spirit of God working in Christians. When Jesus returns, we will see the work of the Spirit in God’s elect.

One of the greatest needs today for those who are saved is to come to the revelation that Christ within is the sum of all spiritual needs. This sounds so simple and yet very few have any understanding. You can see the problem as soon as someone says they are praying for more patience, love, etc. They might as well pray for more salvation, more life, more resurrection, more sanctification, more eternal life, etc. What will it take for us to see we have obtained all these things we seek that are who Christ is. Christ does not have these things for us to distribute to use in the course of our lifetimes as we need them and pray for them. No, No, No - Christ is these things in us now who are saved. Jesus said “I am the bread of Life. I am the resurrection and the life.” Do you need patience? Well, He is patience. He does not have patience that you can attain to, but we have obtained His patience as our own. When we have the revelation that Christ within is what we have always looked for and He is the Hope within, then we can cast down all the systems, denominations, false teachers, idols, myths, etc. and finally have true peace in our lives that only comes from the sum of all spiritual things which is Christ within.

Jim Dermanoski

October 2004


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