Use Your Talent for the Lord’s Harvest

Some of the ex-Muslims of today will be the true overcomers of the end of the age. Isn’t it amazing that Jesus is giving dreams and visions to Muslims all over the world. He is doing a direct work, and I believe He sees that field as white unto harvest, and truly the laborers are few. These ex-Muslims are ready to die for their beliefs - are we? We have divided for 500 years into more and more sects, divisions and denominations. Most of the divisions are because of one doctrine or another . We still hear the insanity of the prosperity gospel, ruling and reigning, receiving your anointing, the laughing church, living in your calling, and being left behind at the end. I am still shocked at how shallow we are as believers. We seem to run away from the calling of the cross. Will we have to find some converted Muslims in the end to link up with to teach us how to walk in the shadow of the cross?

I have watched for decades at the lack of direction in believers. We all think about how it would have been to have gone along with Paul and Barnabus on the mission trail, but I think Paul would have left us at home in our current state and found some converted men who would pay the price - which is only in Christ Jesus. I keep on searching for overcomers in the Christian nations - men and women who have come out of sects and systems - those that have been banished from the main stream of the politics of religion - the ones who have overcome the insanity of the money and power grabbing of the mega-church. However, these people who are overcomers are misunderstood and are few.

Have we given up on witnessing to the Muslims? Have we given them over to the enemy to keep? Have we decided to hide in our forts and shield ourselves from the world? Is the great commission to go into all the world only for the past and not for now?

It is time to awaken and see that the Lord Himself will have to do the work that we were called to because we are asleep just like the apostles in the garden. All of these doctrines and movements have put us to sleep and robbed the way of the cross from us.

It is time to start to pray for the conversion of the Muslims and to begin to speak to them about Jesus. The Spirit will draw us to those that He is drawing to Himself. The cross will have to work mightily in us for us to overcome our rightful place in the work of His kingdom.

We have focused too long on what blessing we can receive instead of on what calling of the Spirit within that we can give. How much longer will we need in order to have the revelation that we who have received Christ have Him within? We are the temple of the Holy Ghost and He is the anointing that is in you. The cross must work mightily in us and quickly or we will find ourselves without the oil required to enter into what Jesus is doing in the last days. Others will do the work of the kingdom, and we will only be spectators watching and cheering as they pay the price. We have watched and clapped long enough, and only Jesus and the work of His cross will get us out of our present position.

We were taught that we were to be “fishers of men”, but as time goes on, it looks like we only see some fishing and catching. We are happy for many converts, but we ourselves are really only watching.

When Jesus came the first time, He did all the work for the early harvest, and now He is also doing a lot of direct work for the last harvest. Lord, please do not let us miss your timing and your calling. Let us use our 5 talents to obtain 5 more talents. We need to be led by your Spirit Lord, and not the spirit of the world systems. Come Lord Jesus.

Jim Dermanoski
December 13, 2006


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